Professionals listed on this website are either fully qualified BSL/English interpreters, Lipspeakers, Interpreters for Deafblind People or BSL/English translators

MVLP refers to a member of Visual Language Professionals.

Members carry an ID card which clearly states that they are qualified and which communication service they offer. VLP interpreters have professional indemnity insurance and have a full DBS. We recommend that all members are regulated by an appropriate body such as NRCPD or RBSLI

NRCPD registered

Refers to an interpreter who is on the Register of Sign Language Interpreters, the register being held by the NRCPD (National Registers of Communication Professionals working with Deaf and Deafblind People).

These professionals have agreed to abide by a Code of Ethics/Professional Practice and complaints procedure and will have professional indemnity insurance and ID cards. RSLIs will also have a current enhanced CRB certificate and DBS available.

RBSLI Registered

The Regulatory Body for Sign Language Interpreters & Translators (RBSLI) administers a qualified only register. RBSLI professional linguists agree to abide by a Code of Ethics and are held accountable by a Complaints Procedure.

Registrants carry electronic Photo ID cards, they have declared that they hold enhanced DBS checks and have professional indemnity insurance. RBSLI also encourages reflective practice and highly recommends that registrants employ the services of a qualified supervisor or mentor.

SASLI Registered

As the regulatory body in Scotland, SASLI:

Maintains the Scottish Register of SASLI’s registration categories;
Sets and oversees quality and standards for registration and professional development;
Requests evidence of professional competence to undertake the profession effectively and sets minimum CPD requirements. Additionally, registered language and communication professionals provide reassurance to purchasers and users of the service, with the knowledge that the member has met the minimum requirements for registration and that each member is required to keep their skills updated and maintained.

Qualifications to be eligible as a full member of VLP:

  • Postgraduate qualification in BSL/English interpreting (PGDIP or MA)
  • Heriot-Watt University MA (Hons) BSL (Interpreting, Translating and Applied Language Studies)Heriot-Watt University MA (Hons) Languages (Interpreting and Translating) (Graduates studying BSL and the amalgamated fourth year course)
  • IBSL Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting Studies
  • CACDP Level 4 NVQ in Interpreting BSL/English (including CACDP Level 4 NVQ BSL)
  • Signature Level 6 NVQ Diploma in Sign Language Interpreting (including CACDP Level 4 NVQ Units in BSL or Signature Level 6 NVQ Certificate in BSL)
  • CACDP RQI exam (pre NVQ)
  • Lipspeaker Level 3
  • Deafblind Communicator Level 3
  • BSL/English Translator – Level 6 Diploma in Sign Language Translation
  • *other qualifications currently mapped by NRCPD may be eligible for membership, please email if you would like to know more.